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About Me


Hi, thanks for dropping by!

Where to begin!  I'm a mom who loves to cook, travel and DIY my home, so after raising my soon to be off on his own son, I'm ready to begin a new chapter, a new season of my life, my way.  That means  redefining myself on my terms as I live outside the lines.  Along the way I hope to empower other women to do the same.  

I love life, love to travel, love horses; have one of my own, and I'm just as comfortable under the water as I am on it, or in a saddle.  I lived too long in survival mode and now it's time taste life again.  

Being a gluten free Italian southern raised girl, I like my carbs, but the gluten filled ones don't like me so in came the  Gluten Free Italian (GF Italian), where I take traditional family recipes and turn them gluten free with all the taste intact.

Then there's the DIY girl in me.  I so enjoy fixing  things and learned how to use tools and carpentry from my dad.  I love to do things myself and save so much in the process.  I really enjoy showing other women how to do it themselves as well.

Finally, I'm a UGC creator.  I create what's called User Generated Content for company advertising. needs  It's fun and gives me the flexibility to work and play from wherever I want.

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