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I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and the useful tips I’ve learned on this journey we call life.

I feel very blessed to lead the life I've created and to have the resources to work and live from anywhere. I'm all about sharing opportunities and creating content of value.

As a UGC creator I get to bring my life experience and perspective into my work, which allows me to create videos and photos tailored to the client's needs, with a spark of freshness.


As a social retail business owner, I get to share products and business opportunities with others so you too can start redefining your life doing what you love with more time, energy and space to live your best life.

We only have one go around so let's make the most of it.

To contact me for more information, simply email me 

here or below.  I look forward to connecting with you!


Affiliate Partners


Brand Collaborations

  • Kevin's Natural Foods   

  • CoAqua

  • Maree 

  • Seven Minerals

  • Artic Flex

  • Hair G

  • Larimar

  • VoomVaya

  • RHRI

  • Biddlebee

  • Eparé

  • LilyAna

  • Renelif

  • Future Kind Foundations

  • Dr. Brace


  • Lula Styles



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