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3 Reasons People Redefine Themselves

When I started this journey to redefine my life it was based on several factors, but when you google reasons people change you'll come up with generalities such as, frustration, a need for independence, desire. Those are all well and good, but those don't delineate the circumstances under which people realize it's time for change so here, from one who has and is walking the walk, are 3 reasons people change.

  1. You've had a traumatic relationship or situation

  2. You've become an empty nester

  3. You feel unfulfilled in your career

Reason 1: In a traumatic relationship, you expectedly reach a saturation point that causes you to look at your life as well as yourself and realize change is needed. In fact, it's inevitable. The trauma that results from unhealthy relationships, with a toxic person, be he or she a narcissist or sociopath, is life changing, but it doesn't have to be life over. Leaving the situation and how you choose to move forward will determine how you redefine your life. And that's where It's Life Redefined may help.

The other situations are understandable. When you become an empty nester you finally get to choose you after living and caring for everyone else for so long. And, if it's a career change you seek, well sis, with so many options today that allow you to work from anywhere, a career change is easier than you may think.

All three circumstances actually culminated in the perfect storm for me to redefine myself and my life and what an amazing journey it's been. I was in a toxic relationship for over 4 years and with my son about to graduate from high school and the constant sense of unfulfillment in my teaching career my life was about to turn upside down without me realizing it.

It took 2 years of being on my own recreating and redefining my life in ways I didn't think possible. It took a lot of soul searching, intentional actions, Faith in God and the Universe because I believe in both, prayers and digging deep to understand what I needed to change in myself in order to change my life. I was blessed to have fallen into the most amazing tribe of women and they and everything from that tribe, who are my business partners, were instrumental in my journey.

If you want to redefine your life, know why, realize you must change yourself to change your life, find your people and be open to what God and the Universe are presenting to you. It may not be what you expected, but it's likely what you need.


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