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When You Realize It's Inevitable

It happens when you get to the end of the road. The road you've been traveling, perhaps for all your life and realize with every fiber of your being you cannot continue. You can't take one more step on that path. You realize you have outgrown it and now you must go either left or right. Change is inevitable. Perhaps you put it off. Perhaps you chose to ignore it, but now God/The Universe is screaming it at you. "You must change." "You must redefine your life."

When you take a hard look at yourself you begin to take responsibility for where you are and how you got here. It's tough love. You realize you have actively participated, whether you choose to admit it or not, in every decision, every choice, every emotional response, every heart ache, every joy and every lesson. There's no more blaming others. You see the situations for what they were and you realize, gracefully and with compassion and love, that they were victims too. Victims unfortunately often create victims, but your story doesn't end here. Instead your story is just beginning.

You're choosing self-love. With courage you're taking the brave steps needed to create the life you so deserve. There will be loses along the way, but those who are meant to remain in your life most certainly will, and they will participate in your next chapter and you in theirs. If you lean into this space of redefinement, you'll experience changes in yourself that will compliment where you're heading and who you're becoming. You'll shed the vestiges of your past and move forward with a new found Faith and sense of adventure, peace and excitement because you know this is going to be one amazing journey.


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